Myth Anime

Myth Anime is a MythTV plugin, that allows me to display my anime in a pleasant way.

This plugin is probably less useful to others, unless they organize their anime in the same way I do. It is one of the few MythTV plugins with (at least to some extend) documented source code though, which may make it useful as help for other developers trying to write plugins for MythTV.

The anime must be sorted in a certain way in order for this plugin to work. To rename the files appropriately (and to create the necessary images) I wrote a program in java. This program should be considered beta software though. It's missing a proper manual and proper packaging. Please make backups of your files before using it. (Hardlinks should be enough, the program does not change the content of the files *i hope*.)


Eclipse Project of the AniDB parser

Information how to install a custom plugin.